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The first Academy of Connecting Marketing. We dare what no one else has dared before.

In an interconnected world you have to be the connecter and we teach you how to become the person who connects consumers to products or services we are looking for, people to businesses or businesses among themselves so that you can have multiple online businesses run from your phone and from the comfort of your home, while on holiday or during the lunch break.

Online marketing tools

Automation successfully replaces work and talent, and the automation systems bear fruit where man was failing.

School of leadership

No matter how brilliant your business idea is, it takes a team and leadership to highlight it.


You have the chance to turn almost everything you touch into sources of income

In less than 30 minutes you can have multiple turnkey businesses, run from your smartphone, all over the world.

Portfolio of Turnkey Businesses

The most accessible turnkey online businesses are the network marketing businesses. Future of Digital thus makes you proposals from very different fields: travelling, wellness, beauty, technology, food industry.

Developing Your Own Business

For this type of business you need specific reproducible skills which are easy to acquire, efficient building strategies and control indicators which make the business predictable.

Personal Branding

Social media is not a part of the Internet, it is the Internet itself, so that your message must be clear, coherent and focused. Here you can find “tailor made” Personal Branding for “connecting marketing”

Continuous Education in Leadership

It all starts from and depends on leadership: looking like a leader, talking like a leader, thinking like a leader, dreaming like a leader. All of them, both online and offline.

Online Marketing Automation Tools

The most expensive advertising square meter in the world is your mobile phone’s screen. It is here that you have to get as often as possible and you cannot do that without Online Marketing Automation Tools.

Online Business Training Camps

The accelerated growth of online businesses has attracted an abundance of trainers for the new generation of digital entrepreneurs. Choose trainers –players and not theoreticians with good branding.


Our recent proposals

Choose the type of turnkey online business to suit the type
of products or services which you use anyway.
If you have a network marketing opportunity which you wish to propose to our community or
if you want us to create a network marketing company for your from ground zero which you can later
propose to our community, with us, you are 30 days far from it.

The Allies Behind Your Success

Alone you can do little. Together we can do a lot.

High Touch & High Tech

Leadership and Online Marketing Tools


Online Marketing Automation Tools

Where people fail, systems blossom. One person cannot simultaneously make 24/7 presentations of several business opportunities in multiple languages. An automation presentation system can.


Specific Courses in the Connecting Marketing Era

A predictable and stable business requires an entrepreneur who knows how to use online marketing tools, the social media space, principles, strategies and specific growth indicators.


Live and Online Conferences and Training Packages

The Live or Online Training is the point of departure and the place of consolidation and sustainable growth for a business or an online portfolio of “turnkey” businesses.


Listen to Those Who Chose Us Before You


We are the first allies of our customers

We serve our customers with our online marketing digital tools, our know-how, our development team, our Future of Digital community and our leadership

Opportunities Are Everywhere If We Know How To Recognize Them

Watch or download the following video and you shall see how we see the digital era
and how we can benefit from the advantages it offers.

We Are Pushing the Digital Marketing
Industry Forward


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